ZZOWO - Personalized wooden watches - free shipping worldwide
ZZOWO - Personalized wooden watches - free shipping worldwide

How To Order

If you are ordering for the first time on our website, you may want to learn how to place the order for the products that you want to try.

Let's run you through the steps!

Step 1. Find what you're looking for.

Browse through all our collections and locate the item(s) that you need.
Let's say for example, you want to buy personalized photo wooden watch, select it to view the product, as shown below

Step 2. Upload your photo and texts, add the item to your cart

Upload your personalized photo and back engraving texts. and then click on "But It Now" button..

Step 3. Checkout from your cart.

Once you have added the item(s) in your cart then it'll automatic redirect you on cart page. Review your items, read all details, once you are ready with your items and want to place your order finally click on the big green "Check Out" button.


Step 4. Enter your shipping address.

You will be send to encrypted environment to enter you contact and shipping information. Once you have filled out this page. If you have any coupons to redeem, enter the discount code and click “Apply.” Scroll down and click button "Choose Shipping Method"

Step 5. Choose shipping method

Follow the steps by choosing your shipping method. We offer FREE world wide ship. We offer fastest shipping to US & Australia. Just after choosing of shipping method scroll down and click button "Choose Payment Method" "

Step 6. Choose payment method

When you reach payment method - scroll down and click green button "Pay Now" , you will be send to PayPal to complete your order. If you have PayPal Account simply log in and authorize the payment. If you don't have PayPal account choose "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" or "Pay As Guest"or "New To PayPal" this is 3 option you can see along with login to PayPal choosing one of these 3 option will allow you to pay with you card.


Yes it is simple, easy, fast and secured! We do not store any of your information on our website, only address for the shipping and email for communication!